In a nutshell, our passionate team takes the multiple disciplines of creative design solutions and steers it towards exceptional brand awareness and growth. Our quality design services include:

Web Design
Build trust within your market and communicate your brand identity by having a fresh and user-friendly web design. Tell us what it is that makes your brand unique, and let’s get smartly creative.

Logo Design
Your attractive brand identity must be stylish, easy to recognise, and evoke positive emotions at the same time. Tell us who you are and we will help you show it the world.

Marketing Element Development
The marketing world never stands still. Let us help you stay ahead of the game by conceptualising new products and services that will satisfy your unique market’s needs and demands.

This is the golden thread that ties brand recognition together. A stunning package design will remind customers of your brand’s quality and promise; and we know all the tricks of this trade.

Corporate Identity Development
Combining strategic management and visual research will improve the strength of your brand personality and reveal opportunities for developing sustainable competitive advantage; let us predict the future of your brand identity for you!

Exhibition Stand Development
The construction, design and operational characteristics of your exhibition stand must represent the strength of your brand and its position in the marketplace. Make sure your brand stands out at the top!

Branded Items
This the art of taking your brand’s voice and finely painting it across every element of your products and services. Let your voice be the paintbrush that we use to promote your brand’s quality and excellence.

Event Photography
Social dimensions contribute to your corporate identity more than words ever could. Let us photograph your next corporate event and show your target market exactly what your corporate identity is made of!

Point of Purchase Development
Your point of purchase is your last interactive opportunity to display product and service.

Events Education
Event education is the winning solution to improving customer service and brand loyalty. When you take unique measures to grow your customer relationships, communication and value offering, your business will grow too. Collaboration and interaction is the key! We organise all the conferences, seminars and educational expositions that your company needs.
Continuing Medical Education
Our innovative approach to training will provide your company with the education, technology and networking needed to keep up to date with constantly evolving medical fields.
Continual Professional Development
Professionalism is a life-long commitment. By partnering with us your business will stay up to date with latest market trends, business solutions and training opportunities. One should never stop moving forward; let us help you document and improve the skills, knowledge and work-place experience that you have already gained!
New Product Launch Education
The knowledge and passion of your staff members are the building blocks of a successful new product. We organise your full product launch training event; from sourcing skilful speakers and compiling manuals, to finding ideal training locations and looking over the event as a whole- we put all the pieces together for you.
Internal Staff Training
By pinpointing your product goals and company objectives, we deliver game-changing strategies to improve your workforce. The education and training events that we organise provide the inspiration and comprehension that pushes team members to the winner’s podium.
By working together we can determine the recipe to success, and watch it play out too.
Business Development

Entrepreneurs have a unique role in the future success of the economy of our country. Various challenges push entrepreneurs to their limits. We offer unique, real-life support by linking you with a formal program and with experts in business, to help grow your company. With our Business Accelerator programme, you will serve more people.

Front-line managers have a dynamic impact on the success of an organisation. In order to pursue strategic opportunities in the marketplace, business leaders must seize new opportunities with radically fresh approaches.

The Business Accelerator Approach:
  • Empowers you to make the right business decisions that are aligned with the South African business laws.
  • Assists you with a stepwise approach in business strategy, marketing, sales, finance, human resources, law and more.
  • Links you into a business community with experts in business that will answer your questions and reveal powerful insight in the business world.
  • Includes excellent educational sessions with business experts, revealing real world experiences in the business world.
  • Links you with an online business platform revolving around content that is focused on your business needs.
  • Networks with fellow business owners within the Business Accelerator community.

Click here to register for the next Business Accelerator meeting – limited space available.

We guide you through the practical roadmap of business innovation and life-long success with refined strategies that are specific to your business goals. Our education in business growth bridges the gap between experts in your field, so to support your organisation, rather than threaten it.

Like the old saying goes: Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat forever. This piece holds true to our attitude towards business development; we are ready to teach you how to make yourself grow evermore.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience (or, CX) is a culture on its own, and the initiation/implementation of this process is a long-term journey. According to Harvard Business Review: “Customer Experience is a personal and memorable experience, different from the goods sold and services delivered, that creates a distinct economic offer.”

Increasing customer retention rates by only 5% increases profits by 25–95 %. On average, loyal and long-term customers are worth up to 10 times as much as they were upon their first purchase.

Your happy customers are your brand ambassadors. In order to make sure that a customer’s relationship with your brand remains extraordinary, your staff members have to be on the ball with customer service excellence.

Make sure that your employees know exactly how to represent your brand by educating them on proper customer experience. Our training services reveal the secret to service excellence in a professional, interactive and highly creative way. Empower your workforce, and they will empower your brand loyalty.

Each company is unique, and so the weekly implementation will vary. But no matter how we strategise your workshop sessions, your employees will learn how to:
  • Develop a culture to deliver your brand’s service promise on a daily basis.
  • Know what the customers expect.
  • Be empowered to implement the changes needed to deliver incredibility with customers.
  • Work with customer feedback effectively and proactively.
  • Manage stressful situations more effectively and deal with difficult customers easily.
  • Improve employee-customer engagement and apply different customer experiences accordingly.
  • Retain customers and create loyal customers that engage in up to 10 times more sales than their initial purchase.

Remember, gaining customer service excellence means gaining competitive advantage. Team up with us and we will make sure you become the pioneers in your field.